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Commercial Project

Low maintenance porous surface

WA can get very hot and dry.. Especially if you're a plant trying to survive life on the median of a dual carriageway!

For this reason municipal authorities are rethinking the use of loose gravel and investigated new the new approach of preventative maintenance offered by a UV stable, porous polyurethane binder like Pour'On. 

This particular application was carried out at the highway Interchange of Roe & Great Estn Hwy in Midland, WA and converted the median strip from a barron desolate eyesore to a natural, maintenance free modern yet native decorative feature piece to the roadway.

The design was to use two colours of local stone, spread across a large landscaped area wit some sections spotted with native plants to break up an otherwise concrete dominated landscape around further towards the busy highway junction. The desired outcome was to have a landscape easy to maintain that didn't require vast amounts of water to maintain a healthy local environment.

Installation was carried out over just three days with Amber Pour On used for the red/terracotta stone and Clear Pour On on the light grey stone.

Maintenance is now just a matter of using a blower to clear leaves and other natural debris. A small amount of Pour On is held in stock to patch any areas heavily trafficked or that require maintenance access.