DIY Porous backyard

Pour'On for large foot path areas

Heres an incredible little 'backyard' project by a very clever customer who took it upon herself to manage her backyard drainage issues. 

Based in Kingsville, Victoria, Beth contacted us to enquire on options for achieving a porous, resin bound natural stone look to landscape her inner city townhouse. 

Without a landscaping background and by her own admission, not your typical 'muscly burly landscaper', Beth set about researching product options, which included a quote for StoneSet to supply and install resin bound stone pathways in her back yard. 



After good consideration and a good measure of phone consultation on her options, Beth undertook the relative risk of buying the materials and applying the resin bound stone herself. 

The key to Beth's success here was the fact she is not a landscaper nor a builder, and made no prior assumptions accordingly. Undertaking works of which we are not familiar comes with a necessity to adhere closely to product instructions and the directives given via phone.

After investing in a landscaper (and bobcat/dingo) to excavate, prepare the base layer, and spread the stone, Beth followed our instruction to wash down the dust off the locally sourced stone with a shower nozzle one week before, and apply the Pour'On once this was fully dry. 

We were so stoked with Beth's achievement and cost savings, we flew down to Melbourne to capture the story of her success. We of course want the best for all our customers, so we encourage more questions rather than less. 

So please give us a call! Lets talk through some of the main options, specific to your own paving project today!