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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the delivery time?

We process your order next business day and typically dispatch 1-2 business days - you receive an SMS with freight tracking details. Shipping is ex Sydney warehouse, delivery varies between states typically arriving in 3-10 days.

Can I mix the binder with the stone before laying?

Yes, though it is far less effort binding gravel paths in-situ. It can also be a challenge finding the right stone for a pre-mixed application - we are always happy to discuss the reasons via phone.  For pre-mixing, we recommend the StoneSet DIY kits where we are confident in achieving a good bind, by controlling the dry and dust free quality of bagged stone we supply. Alternatively, StoneSet offers a full supply and installation system of porous and overlay paving which is covered by a 10 year guarantee and offers maximum longevity.

Can Pour On be used with any gravel?

The important criteria are that the gravel is graded as a single sized stone between 6mm and 20mm. The gravel needs to be clean and dry with minimum dust or fines.

Is Pour On suitable for use on a driveway?

It's not ideal for 'heavy-traffic' applications, however with minimal tyre turning a combination of 'gravel grid' backfilled with angular gravel stone (not pebble) and bound with Pour'On has seen some success by customers. If resurfacing concrete driveways, vehicles are heavy and all expansion joints must be built into the top resin bound stone surface. This work can be difficult, which is why our StoneSet 'supply and installation' service is used extensively for driveways, where StoneSet offer our industry leading 10 year warranty on your investment.

Will it stay glossy?

Pour On is designed to remain bound at 'touch points' between the stone below the surface, whilst the top layer of resin will ‘burn’ off, returning the stone to its natural mineral colour. The gloss of surface resin disappears in 3-6 months (depending on level of sunlight i.e. UV exposure). The resin that binds the stone (below the surface) remains unaffected.

How long will it last?

The design life of the binder is in excess of 5 years. The life of the finished surface is dependant on the quality of installation, type and sizer of gravel used, level of use and base stability.

Is the binder dangerous?

Once cured the binder is a completely inert material, meaning it is safe and has no negative impact on the surrounding areas. In fact, by creating a porous surface it offers some great benefits in waterway pollution and stormwater management.

In liquid form, the binder should be handled with care and the safety data sheet should be read prior to use. Always wear gloves when handling and a mask when pouring binder.

Why is it sold by the kg and not by the litre?

We sell the binder by the kg because it is an industry standard for purchasing the raw ingredients. The specific gravity of the binder is slightly different for the clear and amber binder.

Clear Pour On has a specific gravity of 1.04 @ 25oC, so for every 1kg you will have 0.96ltr.

Amber Pour On has a specific gravity of 1.15 @ 25oC, so for every 1kg you will have 0.87ltr.