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Our Environment

We are passionate about the environment, the environment encompasses everything around us so we take a sustainable approach to all we do, every day.

We seek to prevent pollution, minimise wastage and operate to the best environmental standards while complying with legislation.

How can Pour On help improve our environment?

Reduce Waste

Pour On can enable you to stabilise and bind loose gravel reducing how often you need to replenish the surface. This can be a massive time and money saver and the dream solution for anyone who has to maintain the area!

Improve the health of surrounding trees

By using Pour On Gravel binder you are creating a hard surface but one that maintains permeability - the rainwater still runs through it! This keeps trees happy and healthy and also reduces surface run off.....awesome!


Rather than removing the existing loose gravel surface you have you can use Pour On to stabilize and create a new pathway - no dumping to landfill, no extra materials being quarried and costs less, everyone is winning!

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