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Gloss Coat Sealer

PourOn can be used to seal existing StoneSet driveays, giving it a refreshed ‘new’ sealed look The below video details application of Pour On gravel binder as a topical polyurethane sealant for....

May 19, 2020


Pebbles provide a great looking and functional finish for rooftops – there is one major problem, and that is those pebbles falling off the top of your multi-storey building! By....

January 17, 2018

Road Median

As reported by the NSW Road Traffic Authority, creating good road landscape can become an important component of the road network in a number of ways. A road median can....

January 17, 2018


Getting creative with our front and backyards allows us to extend our living space to the outdoors. These spaces can be some of the most enjoyable and versatile spaces in....

January 17, 2018

Large Scale Commercial

Pour On is suited to large-scale applications where a loose stone finish is desired, but maintenance can be an issue. Instances where birds or members of the public have picked....

January 17, 2018


For areas expecting low to no foot traffic at all, a single light coat of binder can be applied to hold the pebbles in place. This is a very cost....

January 17, 2018