Getting creative with our front and backyards allows us to extend our living space to the outdoors. These spaces can be some of the most enjoyable and versatile spaces in a home.

Creating attractive, porous low maintenance paving has never been easier. With Pour On Gravel Binder, you can design a beautiful outdoor paving area using decorative, local stone and best of all it is super easy to do yourself!

Using locally sourced gravel and Pour On Gravel Binder you can create a natural, hardwearing surface which benefits the surrounding vegetation by allowing all rainwater to pass through and enhance the quality of the local water table – which basically means plants and trees will have more rain water in the ground – great news for your garden!

Pour On Gravel Binder makes the whole process simple, way easier than laying blocks, concrete slabs and a much easier to maintain area than loose gravel!

Not sure how much you need?