Your Backyard Wonderland

September 30, 2016

Looking for a unique look for your backyard? Perhaps you’re going for something soothing and calm, like your own personal Zen garden. Or maybe you want something the whole family can enjoy, complete with built-in games. Whatever your creative vision, your ideal landscape can benefit from the versatile colors and easy installation of Pouron.

Here are some ideas to get you going:

1. Rev up your entertainment center.

If you have a fire pit in your plans, a circular gravel patio will truly make this feature the focal point of your backyard. Be warned, once friends and relatives see the new setup, they will be asking you to host the next big party.

2. Set up an outdoor board game.

The varying colors of Pouron allow you to set up an unbelievable life-size chess- or checkerboard. Not only are these games sure to get your kiddos thinking strategically, but it will also get them up and moving around as they make their clever moves!


3. Lay down a Bocce Ball court.

Bocce, a game as old as Ancient Rome, is played on a flat gravel surface with round plastic balls and a group of your most competitive friends. This addition provides hours of outdoor fun for any age.

4. Find inner peace.

If the previous three options didn’t appeal to you, maybe you’d prefer transforming your backyard into an Eastern paradise. Find your Yin and Yang by incorporating concentric patterns of alternating colors in your landscape, or create your very own yoga or meditation space. Just looking at your new backyard will bring inner tranquility.

Whether you dream of childish ruckus, friendly chatter, or calming silence, utilizing gravel in your design is one of the most versatile and creative options at your disposal.

Of course, your creativity is expansive, and you need a gravel that looks professional, is easy to install, and offers variety. Pouron checks off the list of even the most adventurous backyard planner.

Contact us with help to get you started, or to share your backyard adventures!

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