Successful Projects Show Why You Should Choose Pour On

November 6, 2017

By now you know all the practical reasons why you should choose Pour On. But perhaps you also want to know its effectiveness and what the customers have to say. Well, today we have just the thing! With the following case study and testimonials you’ll have the real scoop on the reason Australians prefer Pour On!

Profile – Perfect Pathway in Sydney

Let’s turn to the case of Trish from Sydney, who wanted a pathway with certain specifications: maintain the Federation style of her home, natural-looking with sandstone colours, low maintenance and sturdy enough for kids, something she could perform herself, and affordable.

Here’s what she did. First, she dug the grass to 175mm, then framed the pathway with sandstone, added 150mm of road-base in two compact layers, secured the pavers, and finally added some 6mm Cowra gold at 25mm. Seems simple enough but how did she make sure all that hard work stayed in place?

The answer is simple: Pour On. After protecting the areas she didn’t want to apply it, Trish poured the resin over the pebbles, using a hand trowel to smooth things down. She required only 1kg of resin per m2 of pebbles and let that to sit overnight. Then she applied a second coat and voila!

This is an example of small-scale success. For an example of Pour On working on the commercial level, click here!

Testimonials – What the Community Thinks

Previously, Pour On appeared on Channel 7, The Living Room, Grand Designs Australia, and more! But it is often better to hear straight from the public. Fortunately, many were kind enough to give us their firsthand impressions.

First, let’s hear from Jon of Davidson, NSW who says that “the binder solved a problem I was having with large stones on our pathway getting kicked around. Exceeded my expectations.”

Next, Paul of Byron Bay, NSW reported: “I am rapped really, it allows us a low maintenance pervious pavement whereas concrete would have blocked the water flow and gravel alone is hard to manage.”

Finally, Russell of Baldvis, WA said: “It is great and easy to use…I’ve told my neighbour to use it.

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