Benefits of Pour On Gravel Binder

December 22, 2017

Loose gravel is a very popular option for people looking to improve their landscaping or for a range of other purposes. While loose gravel is popular, there are disadvantages with it as well. For those that are looking for a better option, choosing the gravel binder by Pour On could be a great option as it provides a number of different benefits to users.

More Affordable

The first reason why the Pour On gravel binder could be a great option for your project is that it can actually be more affordable than some popular options. When using a gravel binder, you will be able to save money through installation costs. It is much easier to install and many people are able to complete the entire installation process on their own. Second, the gravel will not get loose and lost over time. This can save you money due to the fact that you will never have to replace pieces of it like you would if it were loose.


Pour On is also a good option because it is customizable – the fact that the stones won’t move enables you to create designs that would not have lasted with loose stone.

Environmental Benefits

The third reason why Pour On could be a great option is that it has more environmental benefits. Using a gravel binder can help to improve the environment in a number of different ways. First, by stabilizing the loose gravel, you will no longer have to replenish the stones which tend to run off.  Second, the thin application allows water to run between the stones and back into the earth. This makes it a great option for landscaping.

If you are interested in the gravel binder provided by Pour On, contact us to learn more.

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