Eliminate the Problems of Gravel Mulch with Pour On

January 22, 2018

Gravel can look great in a garden, and it is very good at keeping weeds down. The problem is that it can also overwhelm the plants you’re trying to grow. Just one shift of the rocks, and it’s like small specimens never existed. Even larger plants can be damaged or forced to an angle if enough gravel pushes into them. What can be done to prevent this?

How Pour On works

In order to get the most out of gravel mulch, you need to secure it in the desired locations. This is easy to do with Pour On. Just arrange the gravel how you want it, and then literally pour on the Pour On. The gravel will then be held in position for up to 5 years.

Pour On and Planning

The planning aspect is just as easy. What you need to do is ensure that there are gaps in the gravel layer. These will allow you to put in next season’s plants without disturbing your treated gravel. Try “planting” empty cans during the layout phase to keep the still-loose gravel out of these gaps.

Pour On can be applied all through the warmer seasons, but for this project, it’s best to put it down at the start of the growing season. That way, you won’t have to disturb existing tender plants.

This is just one of the great ways you can use Pour On. For more ideas, justĀ contact us.

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