Applications for Pour On: Gravel Vs. Mulch

April 26, 2018

Every property manager’s dream is to have such gorgeous landscaping surrounding their buildings that would-be tenants are irresistibly magnetized by the curb appeal. Picture if you will, manicured emerald lawns artistically edged with lush, tropical gardens, not a leaf out of place and mulched to perfection. It all sounds wonderful, at least until the realisation of the maintenance required gives you a rude awakening.

Ideally, for any type of commercial property, there has to be a balance between the landscape aesthetics and the amount of effort it takes to keep it looking good. One of the most labour-intensive jobs is keeping down the weeds, especially when choosing to avoid the use of herbicides.

Gravel vs. Mulch

One method of slowing down weed growth is to use dyed organic mulch. It protects the soil as a ground cover but it quickly fades and decomposes with exposure to the rain and elements. Mulch always seems to end up scattered across the lawn after windy days and becomes infested with insects. It is also highly labour intensive to remove old mulch and replace it with new material every 12 months.

Gravel or decorative stone is a practical alternative to mulch because it maintains its original colour, shape and texture. It is far more durable and lasts for years. Because it is heavier, it tends to stay put, unless it has been laid in a high traffic area. Any kind of activity in an area with loose stone creates more work to continually rake it back into place. It also poses a threat when a mower or trimmer catches a loose stone and turns it into a flying projectile.

Gravel Binder

The ultimate solution for attractive landscaping with low maintenance requirements is a bound permeable gravel surface which enhances the natural beauty of the stone. Though negates the work usually associated with it. Even though it creates a durable, paved surface, it permits rainfall to percolate through into the soil, thereby conserving water.

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