Knowing When to Use Pour On or StoneSet

May 17, 2018

By now, you’ve heard plenty about Pour On and its many applications around the home, garden, and commercial buildings. Still, even for such an effective binder, there are limitations. If the job requires heavy durability, then it’s best suited for our sister product StoneSet. But how to be sure which to choose?

For Lighter Jobs, Choose Pour On

If your needs involve basic maintenance, light touch-ups, or anything you are confident in accomplishing yourself, you can’t go wrong with Pour On! Cleaning up a garden or pathway are perfect examples. 

Pour On is an affordable yet effective solution for areas with light foot traffic. It will bind gravel or small stones together to keep your landscape nice and neat. All you have to do is gather these materials together, apply Pour On (do two coats for the best effect), let it sit, and your area will be right as rain for up to seven years! The resin will reduce puddling yet leave natural voids between objects, allowing water to run through and feed any plants nearby. 

For the Tough Stuff, Choose StoneSet

Made especially for harder jobs, StoneSet can tackle many things that even Pour On cannot, including driveways, car traffic, heavy foot traffic, larger-scale commercial buildings, and more. StoneSet’s application is a little more complicated: completed in two phases, it is often best left to professionals.

Contact us anytime for questions or comments about Pour On or StoneSet. Thank you and happy landscaping!

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