Update Road Medians with Pour On

May 24, 2018

Road medians serve an important role in keeping our roads safe and orderly so it’s equally important to make sure they’re kept up to date. By simply applying Pour On, you can keep them strong and durable.

Why Should I Care About Road Medians?

Wear and tear is just a fact of life for public roads and medians are no different. After use for years on end, it’s not uncommon for them to slowly degrade. Gravel, loose stones, and other small items begin to fall and get scattered all over the place, especially in areas that experience storms. If left unattended long enough, the level of degradation could become a public nuisance or, at worst, a safety risk. However, repair is often costly and time-consuming.

So What Do I Do Now?

Fortunately, Pour On is the perfect solution! Pour On is an affordable gravel binder (made of a one-part polyurethane resin) that quickly and efficiently stabilises all loose materials together, leaving a natural finish which lasts up seven years with minimal maintenance necessary. In so doing, it leaves the natural spaces for water to trickle through and keep plants and the soil hydrated. Keeping plant life healthy is important because they provide shading and cooling without obstructing drivers’ vision.

Will That Be Complicated?

Not at all! The true beauty of this binder is its simplicity. All you need to do is:

  • Ensure the base is suitable (see guide)
  • Apply Pour On (two coats is recommended)
  • Let it sit overnight

That’s it! In no time at all, it will be rendered completely inert. It will also become both slip-resistant and reduces puddle building to keep people safe.

Note: Pour On is not recommended for use around trees. For tasks involving those, see our sister product StoneSet.

For more information about this, or anything else, feel free to Contact Us. Thank you.

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